St. Michael’s Lakeside School welcomes students regardless of their ethnicity, gender or religious affiliation. A disability, either temporary or permanent, is not grounds for disqualification of admission, providing that, with reasonable accommodations, the school can meet the needs of the student. Admission preferences are given to current school families and members of the St. Michael’s parish community.

At the time of K-5 registration, parents must present the following:

  • completed registration form, including signed policy agreement 
  • child’s birth certificate 
  • child’s baptismal certificate (if Catholic) 
  • child’s immunization record and health forms 
  • Instructional Materials/Health Services Form
  • volunteer agreement
  • child’s latest report card and standardized test scores (Grades 2-5) 
  • required fees (non-refundable) 
  • letters of recommendation (if required by principal) 

For Preschool registration, parents must provide:

  • completed registration form, including signed policy agreement 
  • health care summary completed by a doctor
  • child’s immunization record 
  • volunteer agreement