The St. Michael's Graduate

Upon graduation from St. Michael’s Lakeside Early Learning, each student will be prepared for the Kindergarten world. Graduates have received the information and experienced the Catholic values that will assist them as they grow and become involved in the Duluth community, their church community, and the Elementary experience.

Our goal is that each student at St. Michael’s Lakeside will graduate with the following standards:

  1. An understanding of the principles and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and of the obligation to act upon them.

  2. An internalization of Christian moral values and the courage to use them to become a missionary of our church.

  3. A strong foundation in pre-reading, pre-writing, and beginning mathematical skills, and an appreciation for the fine arts.

  4. The ability to problem-solve and to think critically, using previous experiences and knowledge in seeking answers to questions that each will face.

  5. An understanding that freedoms, rights, and privileges come with a responsibility as a member of society.

  6. A heightened curiosity, and the discovery that learning is a life-long process.

  7. A respect and appreciation for the diverse heritages comprising our society.

  8. The knowledge and skills needed to make healthful choices for physical and emotional development.