Mission and Philosophy

The mission of St. Michael’s Lakeside Early Learning is to offer children a Catholic vision of the world that is guided by reason, shaped by justice, enriched by beauty and devoted to inquiry. St. Michael’s Lakeside will provide students educational and faith opportunities that will permeate their lives -- with God, family, school, parish and the world.

It is our philosophy that Catholic Education provides for the education of the whole child including the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of the students.

St. Michael's Lakeside Early Learning strives to recognize all students as unique gifts made in God’s image, redeemed by Christ, and called to an eternal destiny.

We recognize parents as the primary educators and see ourselves as partners in education. As facilitators, we seek to integrate Catholic values into daily living by providing a Christ-centered community of worship, study, work and play. We assist students to make their Catholic faith living, conscious, and active. We challenge students at St. Michael's Lakeside to value themselves, to deepen their relationship with God, to open their hearts to love of neighbor, and to build a world community linked by justice.

Goals & Objectives

  •  To provide a spiritual environment where the Word of the Gospel is joined with the Spirit of the Gospel. Word and Spirit are given further meaning through living the Catholic faith in daily activities, community, and service.
  • To promote the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical development of all students to the extent of their ability.
  • To provide an opportunity for creative and critical thinking in an environment where joy and eagerness for learning, as well as basic concepts and specific skills, are taught.
  • To encourage clergy, parishioners, and parents to educate children at the parish school, and to invite them to active participation in the education process.
  • To provide a highly professional and Christian administration and teaching staff to serve as a model of Christian living to our students.
  • To encourage children to experience success so as to develop a positive feeling of self-worth.
  • To provide a safe and wholesome environment for student growth spiritually, emotionally, academically, aesthetically, socially, and physically.
  • To offer students the use of facilities and materials that encourage and enhance learning.
  • To promote an awareness of and concern for social justice in today’s world.
  • To encourage the use of the school facility as a center for family activities that strengthen the bond between the Lakeside community and the school’s administration, clergy, parish, parents, teachers, students, and community.
  • To promote on-going educational growth by enriching the staff’s professional skills, and by evaluating existing programs.