Students in the preschool and elementary grades experience a variety of specialist instruction including music, physical education, Spanish, and religion. Specialist teachers, trained in their specific areas of instruction, provide learning opportunities that will expand student imagination, stretch their physical limitations and develop their full potential.


Music instruction at St. Michael's utilizes the Kodaly Method. Students develop listening skills, sight-singing, ear training, composition and improvisation through folk songs, chants, dancing songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes, songs for circle games and story songs. Students have two musical performances a year: one at Christmas and one in the spring.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program is part of the education process to develop the whole child. The program provides students with the knowledge and resources to promote good physical health throughout their lives, along with exposure to a variety of skills for use in recreational activities.

Each child is scheduled to take part in this program. If, due to medical reasons, your child cannot participate, please send a written explanation to the school.


An important aspect of the multicultural awareness needed by youth in our global society is the study of a language other than English. Instruction in Spanish, including study of customs, geography, and life style, begins in preschool at St. Michael’s Lakeside School. The course objectives include a balance of vocabulary and cultural study.


Specialist instruction in religion encourages students to develop their Catholic faith. Religion class is held weekly in the school's onsite chapel.