Facility Rental

At St. Michael's Lakeside Early Learning, we encourage the use of the school facility as a center for family activities that strengthen the bond between the Lakeside community and the school’s administration, clergy, parish, parents, teachers, students, and community.

To that end, our building hosts many local groups. Some include:

Just a few of the uses we encourage include special events and meetings, local clubs and organizations, extracurricular programs, youth and adult sports, community education classes, and school break camps run by independent teachers.

Our facilities include the following areas available for rental:

  • Spacious classrooms
  • Full-sized gymnasium equipped with basketball hoops
  • Cafeteria with attached commercial kitchen
  • An outdoor playground with updated equipment, blacktop play area, and play field

Unfortunately, we're not able to provide marketing for events held at SMLEL. Please contact the church office at 525-1902 with inquiries about short or long-term rentals.